Petit Chat Village Bakery


From the Back Kitchen posted about the process of making bread a few days ago. It has always been on my list to make “real” bread on my own, but, after reading more about the 24+ hour process to make a baguette, I have no desire to make artisan bread without the help of professionals.

After tasting the loaves of bread at Petit Chat Village Bakery, I just can’t bring myself to buy grocery store bread anymore either. For around $5.00 for a Tuscan loaf, it is well worth the cost to eat a fresh product.

A North-Side friend started brining boxes of baked goods from Petit Chat Village Bakery to her work to “show the South Hill-Snobs” that the North Side has a destination bakery. Here is a sample of what she orders from the bakery, and proof that she is right.


Petit Chat is located on 9910 N Waikiki Road. Check out TEO for reviews and map.