Outwit. Outplay. Outlast.


We like many things here at ye olde SFB. We like contests. We like to support good local businesses. And we like to be sneaky. Combine those three*, and you’ll be seeing a pattern forming, at least if you pay attention. Take our recent Sante post for example—out of the blue you had the chance to win a $15 gift certificate to the restaurant.

Barry was on the ball last time and got the prize. Good for him! And to the victor goes the spoils, or whatever the saying is, and here are his thoughts about Sante. Remember: Play it SpoCOOL and you might just win something here next time.

We went, with some friends, on Friday night. The dinner menu is incredibly inventive and rich with a real diversity of vegetarian options. The cured meats from the charcuterie are all delicious (order the starter meat platter!!!!!). We liked the chicken terrine so much we bought a pound and took it home (it was eaten, entirely, during Saturday’s lunch). Service is attentive and professional, some of the best in town. Dishes are all wonderfully presented, with real thought to combinations of taste and texture (next time we’ll just go for the 7 course meal and let the chef choose for us, they know what really works). Portions are appropriate, not overwhelming. You are definitely getting quality over massive quantity. The wine selection is small, but covers all the bases (could do with adding a NW pinot noir and a few more quality local selections). Just about every wine was offered by the glass. Prices were quite reasonable, not the huge markups you sometimes get with high end restaurants. Only downside for my wife is she’s a huge Diet Coke addict and they don’t serve fountain drinks. I would also be a bit nervous about bringing my kids here to eat with us for dinner. It’s a slow food experience, which is wonderful for a nice night out with other adults, but my 5 and 7 year olds would have gone crazy before the entrees arrived. They would do fine though for lunch or brunch and we’ll try them out at the restaurant as soon as we can fit in a downtown walk.

So, the question that keeps popping up in these reviews is, do we rate Sante as the best restaurant in town (and the best in Eastern Wa when compared to Saffron and Brasserie 4 in Walla Walla)? I think it is. Everything we tried, from the gnocchi to the meats (gravlax is also awesome!), to the tofu and pear entree, to the trifle desert, was truly spectacular. We’ll definitely be back!

*) If this all is because Unknown Neva never made it onto The Price is Right before Bob Barker retired, and posting contests on SFB is her living vicariously is… Well… Also unknown.