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Our Sante winner


Well, there were plenty of good entries, but in the end, we decided that...

Wait for it...

Ashley was the winner! We will be sending you an e-mail sometime this weekend. 

Her ten reasons for loving Sante were:

  1. Chitarra pasta, seriously the best dish I have ever eaten. 
  2. Forgetting about amuse bouche, and then being thrilled at their arrival. 
  3. Goat Cheese crespella. There is nothing more to say here.
  4. Bringing the cured meats, such as pastrami or mortadella, to family functions and treating my father to some of his old favorites.
  5. Best patio seating in Spokane. 
  6. A whole menu for my vegetarian husband, not just a few options (NOT tofu stir fry or portabella mushroom, finally!)
  7. Of course, knowing that I am supporting a local food network. 
  8. While enjoying my meal, watching a farmer carry in cartons of fresh eggs.
  9. Rotating local artwork. 
  10. Giant cups of wonderful coffee with endless refills.