Orlison Clem's Gold


I've never quite been able to get into American lagers. One can get the impression the breweries around here -- at least on the West Coast -- are throwing all their weight behind the ale, and fair enough.

I do miss a good German style lager though. The Germans really get that style of beer, to the point where I would forgive at least one world war.

And while Clem's Gold isn't a German lager, it's a good lager. The formerly-known-as-Golden-Hills brewery recently started peddling their wares in cans which can be found at an increasing amount of local grocery stores. (Main Market and Yoke's both carry them.)

Has Clem's Gold changed much from its Golden Hills days? Not from what I could notice. There is always a bit of a difference from tap to can of course, but as I haven't had the beer in a good while, I can't say I noticed much of a difference.

And again, that's not a bad thing, as Clem's Gold is good. Well worth the price of a four-pack to put in the fridge for days you want something light and crisp. Which is what the beer is, through and through. Light and crisp.

Golden color -- as the name promises -- emits a light malty nose that gently pulls you in. There aren't any standout complexities here, and that is just fine. The flavor is refreshing and smooth, and not something that initially screams “cold weather”, but then, first impressions can be deceiving. Pair it with an akevitt and a turkey, and baby, you got a stew winter meal going.

So little has changed with Golden Hills transforming into Orlison. The most, and possibly only, important thing is the introduction of these cans. Clem's Gold might not be the most crazy beer out there, but I feel it is one both geeks and non-geeks can agree on. Drink it as a refreshment, or make it the backbone for something stronger for an entirely different experience... Clem's Gold is versatile and tasty. Good one Orlison.