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On veganism and occasional restaurants


Q. Do know how to sell out a unique event in Spokane hosted on a Monday night?
A. Call the Spokane Vegans.

Last night, vegan cookbook author Sarah Kramer joined the Spokane Vegans at One World along with Chef Tony from Mizuna for a $20/ticket sold out event. Over 40 people were served a delicious meal prepared and served by the Spokane Vegans and friends (yes, that does include Spokane Food Blog). Chef Tony volunteered to make an amazing pumpkin soup and the main course of polenta with white beans, braised kale and roasted pears.

Here is my estimated demographic breakdown of the event: – 20% Male – 80% Female – 75% people over the age of 40 – 5% people under the of 16

Wish you would have been there? Well, this Sunday you can join the monthly Vegan potluck that will be hosted at the Really, Really Free Market from 2-3PM at the Peaceful Valley Community Center 214 N Cedar Spokane, WA 99201.

Seeing the success of the Spokane Vegan dinner, I think to concept of Jack’s: An Occasional Restaurant located in Brooklyn, NY would be well attended in Spokane. The restaurant is open one evening a month at a community art venue with commercial kitchen. It is great that One World was able to open their doors to Spokane Vegans to run their event.

Of course some Spokane restaurants already host special events like Jack’s in their own facility. Latah Bistro provided an amazing vegetarian event, Sante hosts movies nights, speakers, and collaborates with local vendors for events, One World hosts their own guest chef nights, Eat Spokane potlucks, and Olive It Cafe hosts book reading events. I appreciate all of these groups taking on the risk to create these successful events in Spokane.