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Old Schoolhouse Hooligan Stout


Old Schoolhouse Hooligan Stout cover

Now here's a fun little stout from Winthrop. Old Schoolhouse Brewery -- named so for the schoolhouse they're located in -- calls it the "Hooligan" though it's not as wild or crazy as the name would suggest; just good.

It pours hazy black with a nice thick brown tinted head. A good amount of lacing too. There's a bit of bitterness to the nose with hints of coffee and a bit of fruitiness. The flavor has few surprises from that, and is dominated by a fairly full on chocolate flavor.

It's a very pleasant beer, and for being a chocolate stout it is surprisingly refreshing, even now in (albeit a pretty bad) June. I might not stand in a long line to pick one up, but it's definitely worth grabbing a bottle to kick up the norm a bit.