Old Apple, a Norwegian akevitt cocktail


Old Apple, a Norwegian akevitt cocktail cover

"Old Apple" is a Norwegian cocktail, and as you well know, nobody does it better than the Norwegians. True. Fact.

For those not familiar with akevitt, it's an herbed spirit, which comes in vaguely different varities throughout Scandinavia. The Norwegian version follows Cognac and Champagne, with strict, EU enforced rules for what can be called "Norwegian akevitt" (bummer for an Oregon distillery producing something using that jargon).

The advantage of this kind of naming law is, of course, that you know what you'll get when buying "Norwegian akevitt," because lord knows there's some crap out there.

Traditionally akevitt is paired with beer -- most often lager, despite that not being used in this recipe -- and "Old Apple" brings the two together in one glorious cocktail:

  • 4 cl akevitt
  • 2 cl apple juice (make sure it's pure)
  • 4 cl witbier (Avery's White Rascal is a good choice)
  • Optionally Sprite

Fill a whiskey glass halfway with ice cubes. Pour in akevitt, apple juice and beer. Stir. Add more ice cubes until glass is full, and optionally top with Sprite.

This recipe has a hidden kick to it, so take it slow!