Nuthin' TOO fancy


The Inlander just published their fall ‘09 edition of Dining Out, the theme this time being “casual eats.” And why not? The current economical climate aside, casual can often be a good thing, particularity when the weather climate is taken into consideration. And with the Post Street Ale House—and imaginatively named it is!—with its twenty beers on tap opens tomorrow at 3pm, it is a good reminder that Spokane largely is an unpretentious casual kind of town. (It wouldn’t hurt if it was a bit less casual, but let’s save that one for another day.)

So in spirit of the Inlander’s guide, here are a few casual eats we recommend, some which might be forgotten about:

A sandwich from Sante: Sure, Sante isn’t what first comes to mind for casual dining, and yes, we will find any excuse to dine there (and no, we won’t apologize for it) but we have previously proven that two people can dine at Sante for $11. Hey, how can you go wrong?

Picabu Neighborhood Bistro: We sometimes forget about Picabu, and that’s too bad. When it comes to what could be described as both “casual” and “high quality”—their “Desert Lime Chicken” is an awesome example—this South Hill bistro has been doing its thing for a long time. More info.

Natural Start Bakery: Some places have good food; some places have good coffee; Natural Start has both. I rarely find many coffee shops that offer the whole package, but an Americano and an empanada at Natural Start is a great experience. More info.

Kusina Filipina: Try something other than the standard taco—Philippine cooking isn’t too common around Spokane, but Kusina Filipina is a pretty good place to stop by, particularly for a halo halo. More info.

Cathay Inn: No no, I kid!

Sub Division: Hey, nothing says “eating on a budget” like a sub. And Sub Division has, according to me, the best subs in Spokane. More info.

So there’s a few options for casual dining, all over the map, both literally and figuratively. Which ones do you recommend?