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Notes from... right here actually


Yes, I know I said we’d be back next week, and we will, but as we have returned from a quick East Coast trip, this might be a good time to address a question that has been trickling in on e-mails and comments: what is happening with Taste Everything Once?

Long story short: Yes, I know it’s down, and no, it’s not coming back.

The longer story, why it’s not coming back, is really just related to it becoming too much of a hassle to keep it up to date in a worthwhile manner. Over the past year there has been an increased number of attempted astroturfing from various restaurant owners and their friends and family, and vetting user reviews has turned into a chore. And as I’m not doing that as a job, I really don’t feel like doing it at all anymore. A good alternative restaurant guide is Urban Spoon. (Particularly on the iPhone, where you can shake it and stuff.)

But hey, ye olde SFB will be here for you, like a warm cup of chocolate on a frosty winter evening! And over the next few months we will launch a couple of new projects that will fill the dark hole in your heart where TEO used to be. They will be cool. At least we think so.

Random SFB musings will resume on Monday.