Notes from all over, yet another craft distillery edition


So really, what's going on here? There seems to be an abundance of craft distilleries opening -- or at least planning on opening -- around town. The latest: Savage Boar. Who knows exactly how it'll all turn out, but it's an interesting shift we're seeing in locally produced booze. A lot of breweries and craft distilleries are coming down the line in a town once dominated by wineries.

Remember Wojo Works? We're fans of the store, and you should be too, but if you haven't had the chance to make it down there, you might be interested in checking out their new website. It's a project by Handknit Webs -- who also designed the #SpoBREW2 mascot -- and we think the site looks great.

Craigslist Stalker is working again.

And if you need an excuse to check out Jones Radiator, you now have one: Stone 16th Aniversary IPA is on tap there.