Notes from all over, where we ask questions, and also post a couple of other things


Not sure how many of you are using Foodspotting, but kind of interestingly they've sold out to OpenTable. Foodspotting is actually quite a cool service, letting you share images of what you're eating at various restaurants. That's a pretty good-ish way for others to get an idea what to expect from said spots. We messed around with the service for testing purposes, but for whatever reason did not really keep up with it. Maybe we should?

Speaking of questions, but not the rhetorical kind, we've been playing with the idea of implementing a voting system for restaurants and libations on this site. Meaning you -- yes you -- would have the chance to have your say. (Though not really say as such... Rather a vote.) Worthwhile, not worthwhile? Tweet us, or email us at, if you have any opinions.

And finally, speaking of Twitter, today's deserves-more-followers is Evans Bros Coffee. The Sandpoint roaster is doing some good stuff, so follow them.