Notes from all over, updates from all over edition


First and foremost, and possibly most interesting: Flying Goat is opening a sister-restaurant in the former Villagio space. That's right by Manito and Super 1 on 29th and Grand.

Exactly what -- and we're not making that name up -- will be is anyone's guest, seeing their Facebook page was swiftly removed after it was «leaked». Inland Northwest Business Watch grabbed a picture of a building-rendering, though, so check it out.

Speaking of pizza, Veraci is kicking off 2014 at the Hop Shop today. Stop by at 5pm to celebrate the occasion. Address is 3803 S Grand. (Apparently the happening street this week.)

Perry Street Brewing opened yesterday, and early word is that it's «legit». And too keep with the pizza theme: You can order pies from South Perry Pizza -- they'll even deliver! -- and eat them at the brewery, which is kind of awesome. Check them out at 1025 S Perry.

Bellissimo Cellars has a winery license submitted for a 1507 E Trent Location.

Finally -- and we're a bit late on this one -- Big Dipper has an indiegogo campaign running to raise $50,000 for a fire sprinkler system. The current total isn't looking to good -- are people getting tired of these grassroots campaigns? -- but if you want another good Spokane concert venue, this seems like a very worthy cause.