Notes from all over, tidbits edition


Hey, we have a proverbial goody-bag (small as it may be) of stuff this morning, at least for those of you who care about the good things in life. Like…

The Huppin's building has been sold, and the Madeleine's conglomerate (possibly a hyperbole) is set to open a restaurant in the refurbished space.

It kinda makes sense, what with the new Worthy hotel opening on the adjacent block. More interestingly, perhaps, is that we now will have four restaurants making up a holy square of food: Santé, Hill's,, and whatever this new spot will end up being.

Elsewhere, our friends and compadres at Coeur was featured on the BBC Travel's «favorite coffee shop» list, which is kinda cool.

And you're missing out if you're not reading Envisioning the American Dream -- a collection of vintage Americana ads and illustrations -- and particularly their latest post, «Viva Velveeta».

In it we can learn how doctors gladly will tell you about the benefits of Kraft's cheese-ish product, and how any thrifty housewife should pick some up as a treat, not only for the family, but also for the budget.

The thirties. Good times, good times.