Notes from all over, things you probably should be aware of edition


It is time, and it's about time: Veraci is kicking off its season this Saturday, 5 p.m., in the Hop Shop parking lot. Not that you need a reminder why this is important, but just in case... You have voted Veraci best pizza three years running, and you placed the Hop Shop at a respectable number six for best bars.

Get there early in other words. The pies sell out quickly if history is anything to go by. And it is.

In other news, our incessant whining has paid off: Santé is hosting a cooking class covering soup, which is all kinds of awesome. For $60 you will not only learn how to make soup properly -- and anyone who thinks that's simple should be smacked -- you also get to imbibe on wine, and enjoy a dinner at the end. And you get a recipe book too.

Check out their Facebook post for more information, and be appropriately exciting. The event takes place March 25th, 6pm.

Frankly, you're probably dead to us if neither of those events excite you.