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Notes from all over, things to do on Thursday edition


As you may (or may not) know, we quite like Enoteca, the Post Falls beer and wine shop which now is a lot more than that. The grand opening of the larger Enoteca Drinkery & Refuge is tomorrow, Thursday the 25th, and it will run for three days. In case you're not familiar with what's new, the spot is now a true drinkery, with a full bar, and one of the region's more interesting beer selections.

You can check out the grand opening (and beyond) events on Enoteca's website -- one highlight includes #SpoBREW judge Ely doing a free New Belgium tasting on Friday.

Speaking of #SpoBREW judges and spots we like: Manito will be featuring Big Sky's Dry Fly whiskey barrel aged Double IPA tomorrow, Thursday at 6pm. Representatives from Big Sky, including #SpoBREW1 judge Joe, will be on hand for the event, which frankly sounds pretty awesome.

Make Thursday an awesome Thursday!