Notes from all over, things keep rotating edition


We've updated our "Places currently in our rotation" page with the three new Cs: Casper Fry, Clover, and Coeur Coffee. You might -- might -- just be clinically insane if you have no plans on checking them out.

Speaking of rotation, we also added our local coffee roasters of choice, DOMA and Anvil.

Emphasis on rotation for both categories, of course. Places come and go, but those are our current choices.

For something completely different, McClain's Pizzeria is set to open up north, in what possibly could have been the old Rogue Coffee location but which turned out to be an open spot (thanks to Lucas for letting us know!) on 10208 N Division.

And finally, David Blaine has posted a small blurb on Facebook about his new restaurant, Central Food. Keywords include "75 seats", "patio" (the view from the location really is spectacular), "a cook's restaurant", and "highest possible quality". Sounds promising. The address is 1335 W Summit Pkwy, in Kendall Yards.