Notes from all over, things are opening edition


We step away from the keyboard for a few days, and the world moves on without us? What are the odds?! Anyway, this is what we, and possibly you, have missed:

Method Juice Cafe has opened will open (our reading abilities are less than awesome sometimes) downtown. Located on 718 W Riverside -- former home of 24 Hour Fitness -- the spot is all about organic juices and food. Owned by the guys behind Seven2 and 14four, Method has been garnering some positive buzz on the social webs, so check the cafe out. They have a nice logo too. Hey, those things count!

We might have our opinions about Fiesta Mexicana, and our opinions might not be shared with many in town, so, based on the latter, we were surprised to learn the place is changing ownership. The current staff will apparently be switched out in its entirety on April 15th. More as it develops... Or whatever that expression is.

Another place you'll soon find liquor: Rite Aid. As it joins other high-end boutiques like Wal-Mart and Walgreens, we can't help but wonder if that 10,000 square foot rule was just a wee bit dumb. (Although we're sure the kid at Rite Aid will be equally helpful to those working at a specialty store...)

Did we miss anything? You can always tweet us @spocool and let us know!