Notes from all over, The Hoods edition


Friday is, of course, First Friday, and if you're looking for something cool and a bit different, you probably can't go wrong with The Hoods project. Hosted by Bon Bon, the art show will consist of artwork featuring Spokane's neighborhood themes. That's pretty cool, right? There'll be all kinds of contemporary graphic designs, photography, illustrations, etc. from five local artists. In other words, go check this out tomorrow, or any other day this month -- the show will be running through September. Their website has some more information.

EJ's Garden Bistro has had a soft opening of sorts. Stop by an see if you can get in; they're at 1928 W Pacific in Browne's Addition.

Apparently we'll be getting a winery specializing in ciders. Cider Architects is set to open on 1719 S Adams.