Notes from all over, Spokane Style beer and sushi edition


From the somewhat bizarre department... Actually, it's more than somewhat bizarre... No-Li has received federal approval for a new beer classification: "Spokane Style". Yes, federal approval. We tend to agree with No-Li on that not being a small feat.

What is "Spokane Style" then? Simply put, the beer has to be brewed with regional ingredients here in Spokane, and then packaged locally by Spokane residents. No-Li obviously already does all of this, and we're curious to see if other local breweries can call their wares "Spokane Style" too. More information is available on No-Li's website

Are you a fan of Sushi Track? Well, stop that right now, as Kinja Japanese Restaurant is apparently moving into its former space. Kinja can be found elsewhere in Washington, so... There's that. I got nothing.

And, as a public service announcement: Veraci will be a the Hop Shop today, 5 pm, and you probably want to be there too.