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Notes from all over, SpoBREW edition


SpoBREW is now less than two weeks away. Can you believe it? Apparently the brewers can't, and many are now reacting with panic or depression or, even more commonly, a mix of the two. With beers ranging from the tantalizing (Team SpoCOOL, obviously) to the ridiculous (Team Border War, even more obviously) the clock is ticking down to July 9th, 7pm, when the best beer will be named at The Porch. Look forward to more details soon.

Speaking of best, remember our Best of Spokane? Of course you do, and a while back some winners asked if we would provide plaques or diplomas for them. And sure, why not, but the thing is, printing these things and putting names on them take time -- time we could use for more important things, like watching TV -- but we're ready to hand them out to those that want them at SpoBREW.

So, if you are one of the businesses listed on our Best of... page, and would like your coveted award, send a mail to and we will hand it to you at the event. (And if you happen to frequent and of the winners and know that they don't read this site -- they do exist -- then feel free give 'em a heads up about this. Who wouldn't want a SpoCOOL award on their wall?!)