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Notes from all over, some openings edition


So, let's see what's happening, just for fun…

First, Cafe 11 is set to open in Liberty Lake; more specifically in Barlows's old space. The license is for liquor, beer, and wine, so hey! Party in Liberty Lake.

Wisconsinburger is set to open next week, or so we've been told. Its somewhat bizarre location will be 916 S Hatch.

EJ's is moving closer to re-opening as… something else. Again, this is an all-in license, and we'll be interested to see how the public house style incarnation will work.

The Chocolate Apothecary is applying for a beer and wine license, which makes perfect sense, as far as chocolate pairing goes.

Finally, you already know about the Saranac expansion -- we mentioned Black Label Brewing moving in there a few months ago -- into the old Merlyn's building. Spokane Journal of Business brings word that Santé's Jeremy Hansen is negotiating for a bakery space, which is all kinds of exciting.

Sharo Nikfar -- you know him from Persian Hour on KYRS -- is also looking to open a Mediterranean eatery and a gelato shop. Add all of this up, is and the location is looking more than a little exciting. 

Spokane Journal of Business has more details.