Notes from all over, some openings and stuff


Well hey, we got a few openings coming, some of them of the Mexican variety.

First, Miguel's Mexican Restaurant and Tequileria is opening in the old Vin Rouge building, furthering what could be a tequileria trend here in Spokane. You know, just a few years after the rest of the world. But hey, we'll take it!

Take this one as an unconfirmed, word of mouth opening, but apparently another Mexican restaurant has opened in the strip mall just west of SCC. A special prize to anyone who can confirm this. (No, there is no prize.) Update: It is confirmed!

Then there's a spot called Wisconsinburger set to open at an unknown address. We've never had a Wisconsin style «butter burger» but they are apparently good, so we're somewhat excited about this.

Interestingly enough, the spot will be operated by Lantern LLC which, as tweeted by Inland Northwest Business Watch, has nothing to do with the Lantern. The restaurant the Lantern that is. Very odd. And kind of a dumb name, seeing it already exists. Update: Apparently Lantern LLC is the old Lantern owners. Just to make it more confusing.