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Notes from all over, short takes edition


We're in the middle of an important fact finding mission, so for today, here are some short takes about what's going on around town and, indeed, the world.

Tinbender Craft Distillery has submitted yet another liquor license. They will, according to themselves, produce brandies and whiskies when they open.

Perry Street Brewing is, as you probably know, also getting ready to open soon. You should probably give them a follow on Twitter to keep up to date on when that will happen.

Speaking of brewing: No-Li is continuing its (apparently pretty successful) bidding to take over the world: Born & Raised is now available in four-packs.

New Belgium is continuing its #snapshot promotion with a «Snapshot Party» at Whiskey Dick's (which just turned five). This is a good reminder to tag your Snapshot Instagrams with #snapshotspokane and #21 to enter a drawing for a bike, and have $1 donated to Second Harvest.

Finally, you can do worse than watching Tim Wendelboe do his thing if you want to learn more about brewing some good coffee. I say «watching», as it is not in English, but still. You'll get the gist of it.