Notes from all over, short takes


We're busy putting the finishing touches on both the #SpoBREW Classic plans and open signups here at Team SpoCOOL Towers -- they will hit the world like a typhoon this Friday -- so what better excuse than to put out a couple of short takes that may or may not interest you:

Remember that idiotic renaming of the Spokane Arena to... god help us... Bon Jovi Arena? I mean, what the hell? Did anyone think that was a good idea?

The "event" was a good reminder of Spokane's odd inferiority complex, and who better to take that on than Mr Spokane? His latest blog post is called "Five Reasons Spokane needs to get over its inferiority complex", and you should probably read it, as it's good. (With that said: "Livin' on a Prayer" is one hell of an anthem. We stand behind it without shame.)

Liquor License Stalker is back working again after the Liquor Control Board fixed its database.

Finally, you should give some love to the businesses on the north side of the Monroe Street Bridge (soon to be renamed Loverboy Bridge). Central Food has put up some good directions, which for all intents and purposes will get you to places like Coeur Coffee and Stella's too. This is as good of time as any to hit any of them up.