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Notes from all over, rumors and #SpoBREW edition


Well, interesting times ahead. Amidst some very loose rumors of restaurant-opening, evil tongues are spreading some not-quite-as-loose rumors of the downtown Melting Pot being on the verge of closing. We don't know if the potential closing is related to the spot's hard to find entrance, or it's the simple result of the Melting Pot being Melting Pot. Should the rumor be true, though, we're sure the closing will shatter many a high school prom date.

The #SpoBREW Classic date is set for September 21st, so consider this your "save the date" notice. We will start team sign-up after we have the new-ish rules and all set up. Speaking of, the not-a-committee will be talking more about this soon. We probably have enough people helping out already, but send us a mail -- -- if you feel you have something to contribute and should partake in the discussion.

Formerly-known-as "Zagz Liquor Store" (or so we hope) has opened, or rather moved to 1101 N Division. It looks a bit... sketchy.

The links section now actually works, showing dates and site titles and all. We welcome it to 2006. If you were reading it, you'd already know the Son of Spokane has been profiled by the Doxey.