Notes from all over, really bad name edition


Liquor License Stalker reveals Northern Lights is getting a new name: No-Li Brewhouse. Cue the "no lie" pun here. There have been some (pretty crazy) rumors out there about Northern Lights being sold, so it's interesting to see Mark Irvin's name on the application, albeit with new co-applicants.

Speaking of liquor licenses, Swagat Indian Cuisine will be opening in the Valley on 14415 E Sprague. Fingers crossed it's South Indian cuisine, though that might be vaguely optimistic.

We noticed a video camera at Sante's Eating Ethically panel debate, and hopefully the video will make its way to the web. It was a good event with everyone being very respectful, despite some earlier predictions. Thumbs up to Craig Goodwin, SCC's Peter Tobin, Lazy R's Beth Robinette, and Sante's Jeremy Hansen for the job they did as panelists. (Oh, and the food was amazing.)