Notes from all over, random edition


Jeremy Hansen, who you know from Santé, has started a Facebook group called "Chef Jeremy L. Hansen's Food for Thoughts". It's definitely an interesting read (despite being on Facebook, which kind of ruins the ambiance) and you should probably "like" it right now.

Fountain Café is, as we mentioned on Twitter a few days ago, applying for a liquor license. This is the spot currently under construction next to the Riverfront Park fountain, and it's looking pretty impressive with its outdoor seating and all. The application covers beer and wine, so hey, there we have Spokane's Tavern on the Green. 

For those wanting to rate libations from one convenient spot, we now have a list to help you do just that. (And thanks to everyone who have already voted for that and restaurants so far. Just shy of 1,000 votes in a few days is more than we had ever expected.)

Finally, from the somewhat amusing corner we have Poole's Public House's menu. Here their Liza's Legs -- wings with an unfortunate name -- features the description, "You'll never want wings again". We assume they mean "never want other wings again", but we still find it kind of amusing.