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Notes from all over: openings, coffee, and beer edition


A lot of people were less than thrilled when Bennidito's closed its Indian Trail location, and fair enough. It's not an area that overflows with great pizza. (Does Cafe Italiano even exist up there anymore?)

The Boiler Room is set to change that soon, aiming to provide the 5 Mile area with wood-fired pies. With ten taps of craft beer and what looks like an interior designed by HDG, the place shows some promise. Check their Facebook page for more.

If you like us have been waiting for 12 oz bottles of No-Li's brews, wait no longer. Four-packs of Jet Star and Wrecking Ball should be hitting the shelves very soon. 

And Orlison's lagers have already hit the shelves.

Revel 77 -- still one of our favorite places for coffee -- is celebrating its first year anniversary this Sunday. Door-prizes, live music, and excellent coffee will be provided from 8am to 5pm. And remember, they will soon start selling beer and wine too.