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Notes from all over, openings and stuff edition


Fountain Café -- the Riverfront Park café located by, surprise-surprise, the fountain -- has opened its doors, probably not coincidentally in time for Bloomsday. Head on down to marvel at a perfectly mismatched logo and building. Then shake it off, and enjoy some local beverages at a choice spot. Opening hours are 11 am - 8 pm, daily; check their Facebook page for more, including a menu.

Friday, that's tomorrow, 5 pm will be your last chance in a while to check out Veraci at the Hop Shop. We were going to say it'll be the last chance to have their pizza coupled with awesome beer too, but as the Lantern has changed from being a (way too small) tavern to an actual tap house, you can keep the tradition rolling from May 16th, when South Perry's Thursday Market starts up. (Though you probably can't enjoy the two at the same time, as the Lantern now serves food.)

For something completely different: With Google Reader being unceremoniously shut down in a few months, we recommend Feedbin as a replacement. It'll cost you $2 a month, which might seem like a bad deal, but then, how far did the free Google Reader really get you? It also integrated wonderfully with the Reeder iPhone app.