Notes from all over, openings and spicy things


We already mentioned this in passing, but it bares repeating: A spot called “Spokane Downtown Daiquiri Factory” is opening downtown. I mean, the mind boggles at the possibilities.

First, an actual daiquiri factory? One can only assume the awesomeness that'll bring. And the fact that “downtown” is prominently displayed in the title? Does this mean we'll see a Daiquiri Factory up north? On the South Hill? In the Valley?! The mind does indeed boggle...

As for other openings, Cassie brings word an HDG operated NUDO Ramen & Yakitori House will open next door to Fire. Opening date is set for March.

In other news: The Onion recently announced “#Spokane's first major eating competition” to which the Riverkeeper angrily (or so we assume) replied, “@spocool's #spicewar was first”.

That's neither here nor there (but come on!), and you should probably show up for the “Onion Ring Bowl” tomorrow, at the northside Onion. What time? Who knows! Some seem to claim it's between 4pm-6pm, but the Onion hasn't done much in terms of advertising the actual starting time.

More importantly, original Spicavore and Spiceawar contestant Patrick O'Halloran will be one of the contestants. We have competed against him before, and fully expect him to take this one home.

Speaking of Spiceavore and Spiceawar... Preliminary planning has started for Nuclear Spiceawar. Give us a shout at @spocool if you have any interested in partaking in our third spicy food contest.

And finally, I will admit to having limited knowledge of the 32nd Ave area of the Valley, but apparently there are businesses there. Who would have thunk it? A “Brother's Office Pizzeria” is set to open there, so good for those who live in the area. (Maybe.)