Notes from all over, openings and re-openings edition


I'm not sure if any of the recent restaurant openings around town have been that exciting, but hey, at least the openings seem to keep pace of the closings. We think. Anyway!

First, Wild Dawgs is re-opening. Again. The downtown hot dog spot probably gained most of its fame (or notoriety) from its logo, to the point where they were set to change it. Then they closed down.

It seems somewhat odd to re-open this spot yet again under the same name -- at least throw a "z" in there, for heaven's sake -- but I guess that's how it goes. We'll see how well the hot dogs fare this time around.

In other news: You might remember Tinbender Craft Distillery announcing its existence last year, and things finally seem to be moving ahead. A liquor license is in the works for their 2nd Avenue location, and we assume we'll see their brandies soon. For now you can keep up with their going-ons on (blarg...) Facebook.