Notes from all over, openings and other such stuff


We mentioned it on Twitter a few days back, but it bears repeating: the space formerly occupied by Savory will, by all accounts, be empty no more. JTWW -- and we assume the name will change -- has applied for a liquor license, so we can only assume something will happen there sooner rather than later. Makes sense really, what with the locations and current interiors and all. 

Rumors were flying around that Savory closed because of exuberant monthly costs, so hopefully JTWW will have more luck.

Oh, and if you, like us, also stalk restaurants through their liquor licenses, you will be glad to know we have made it a bit simpler for you. Clicking an address now takes you to its map entry, just in case you need to dig a little deeper.

This was helpful when we were trying to figure out where the charmingly named "Shamalamadingdong" would be located. Turns out the (apparently) old Ugly Bettie's is on its way out, with a clearly defined "SPIRITS/BR/WN REST LOUNGE -; CATERING" spot coming in. What does "Shamalamadingdong" mean? Urban Dictionary holds the answer.

Manito will be tapping Firestone's Parabola '12 and '13 next week for American Craft Beer Week. Really, stop by and try them. You will not regret it.

Finally, a sacrifice had to be made to make the aforementioned addresses clickable. The Craigslist Stalker had to go. Maintaining its code just ended up being a chore, and with us being lazy and all... Well you know how those things go.