Notes from all over, openings and music


Or opening... opened actually: As we mentioned on Twitter a few days back, Fire has opened. The pizza spot is located in the old Moxie space on 816 W Sprague. We quite enjoyed our visits to the Coeur d'Alene branch, and it's nice to see downtown getting a proper pizza place. (Are there any others downtown? We can't think of any from the top of our heads.) Opening hours are 11 am-11 pm on Fridays and Saturdays; 11 am-10 pm any other day.

Want to get your inner DJ on? Central Food-don't-add-an-s is "excepting [sic, or so we assume, unless they actually are expecting it, which would be fair enough] Spotify playlists". The playlist needs to be fifteen hours long, and suit the moods of breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Central Food has the full details.

Finally, we've added a few blogs to our links section. Cultivations deals with just what it advertises: gardening. Harpsichordian is not strictly a food blog, but it has a lot of cool food stuff in there regardless. And the Keaton Violent is posting about his beard