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Notes from all over, openings and closings edition


You already know Ciao Mambo closed its doors on Tuesday -- thanks to Carey Williams for originally breaking the news on Twitter -- which probably didn't come as a shock to anyone. Maybe Spokane wasn't ready for sexy pasta?

The space will somewhat interestingly soon be occupied by MacKenzie River Pizza Company, a franchise owned by the people behind Ciao Mambo. Seems the downtown pizza scene is growing. Maybe not in the right direction, but growing none the less.

Meanwhile, Buffalo Wild Wings is set to open by the Valley Mall. It's a large chain, which rarely gets us too excited, but their wings are pretty legendary. It may or may not be worth checking out for any wing head.

Finally, Sante's Kickstarter succeeded! There's still some time left to pledge, so take a look at the perks and consider a donation.