Notes from all over, openings and beer and stuff edition


A proverbial potpourri of things are happening around town, so let's have a look, shall we?

No-Li is releasing another new beer as part of the Expo Series: Skyrail. This is a single (amarillo) hop IPA, set to be released on Christmas eve. It is said to be similar to the brewery's Solar Winds, and at 6.25% ABV and 65 IBUs it could clock in as a semi-light Christmas sipper.

The Bartlett's doors are finally open! Check out their event calendar and go see how the Indiegogo funded venue turned out; early buzz is very positive. 

And speaking of crowdsourcing: the Yards Bruncheon and Wandering Table have started a Kickstarter campaign to fund their KY restaurants. I get the feeling a lot of us are getting burned out on this whole Kickstarter trend, but hey... Give them a few bucks if you so wish. Their perks are quite good.