Notes from all over, openings and beer edition


Well, what do you know? We've been so entangled in setting up the #SpoBREW recap page we missed a bunch of happenings. So let's have a look shall we...

As you probably know by now, Kendall Yards is expanding its restaurant offering with three restaurants joining Central Food. First and most importantly, Veraci is getting its brick and mortar spot. This is not unlike its Seattle cousin, but we hope the Spokane location does better than them. (The Seattle physical location is... not amazing.)

The Wandering Table -- another traveling outfit -- is opening a spot serving “American style woodfire tapas”. God help us all, and let's hope the food is better than the description. Its chef, Adam Hegstead, is also opening “The Yards, a Bruncheon” (quotations added because of the somewhat awkward “, a Bruncheon part”), described as a “contemporary style diner featuring breakfast & lunch”. All snark aside, we look forward to both spots opening.

Both Inland Northwest Business Watch and the Inlander have more words about the restaurants, so check them out at will.

The Inland Northwest Craft Beer Festival kicks off today, and it truly looks like it'll be better than ever. A bunch of the breweries are bringing some nice sounding rarities -- PDF list is available -- and the event should be well worth the price of admission.

Speaking of beer, No-Li's brewpub has changed its menu which now, among other things, includes a poutine dish. Poutine! We'll have a look at it all on Monday.

Finally, let the mellow, introspective tunes of Sébastien Tellier take you into the weekend.