Notes from all over, opening and scavenger hunt edition


Remember when we mentioned Chapala Mexican Food would be opening in the old Picnic Company location? No? Well, we don't blame you, seeing it was four months ago.

Either way, a new liquor license application is in, and judging by the spot's exteriors, it looks like the opening might indeed be close. Hey, better than an empty building, right?

Speaking of Mexican food: Taqueria la Flor de Michoacan was somewhat of an odd dining experience for us... Actually, strike that, it was almost surreal in its slowness, but with yet another liquor control board application in, it looks like you soon can dull your wait by enjoying copious amounts of alcohol.

Bart, a 7vs7 (remember those?!) and Spiceavore veteran, has been sitting around in his man-cave, thinking of possible new contests. His current idea: a scavenger hunt. We like the concept, and have already thought of some ways to do this. If you have any input, feel free to reply to Bart and us.

Finally, quick reminder of the Inlander's Best of… ballot, which closes tomorrow at midnight. We have no problems bobbing for votes for Nuclear #Spiceawar in the «best charity event» category. Not only was it a good charity event -- CFF and all! -- it was also completely un-stuffy and gross!

And yes, we pretty much are pimping this as we would think it'd be hilarious if we won.