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Notes from all over, on openings, Kickstarting, breweries, and other things


SavorX is back Kickstarting, after successfully funding their previous venture. This time they're looking for $50,000 to build a "Spiceologist Block", basically a knife block for spices. The concept, which is a co-venture between SavorX and Farmgirl Gourmetlooks impressive, and is quickly moving toward reality with $10,000 already raised. The block will run you a $69 pledge, though there are more tiers, both lower and higher, so give it a look.

A new homebrew shop is getting ready to open in Post Falls. Called Two Knights Homebrew, the spot labels itself "the coolest homebrew store in THE WORLLLLDDDD" (their words), and are aiming at opening "SOOOON" (again, their words). Check them out on Facebook.

Selkirk Abbey is turning one, a milestone celebrated this Saturday. We quite enjoyed our visit there, and as they're debuting bottles of St. Joseph during the shindig, there is little reason not to go. Check out their Facebook invite for more details, and get ready to see the aforementioned bottles for public sale soon.

And the same-ish goes for Orlison Brewing (formerly known as Golden Hills). They should have cans of their beer available to the public "soon". (According to themselves.) You can check out the newly renamed brewery at Spokane on the Rocks this weekend.

More local breweries news -- Ramblin' Road is getting a tap room. The crew behind Casper Fry's remodel, Kilgore Construction, is heading up the transformation at the 730 N Columbus location. Check out Facebook (the theme of the day, apparently) for more.

Not to be outdone, Waddell's north side location is moving right alone. Yada yada yada for more.

Finally -- and apparently this is not on Facebook -- the brains behind the Marquee is opening the Closing Bell on 12 N Post. I got nothing... Liquor License Stalker told us it was happening, though.