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Notes from all over, on openings, breweries, and brews edition


How many new breweries can Spokane sustain? Apparently we're about to find out, as yet another one is set to open: Cloudburst Brewing has submitted a liquor license application, though we guess the opening won't happen anytime in the near future, seeing the submitted address is residential. Still, another brewery? Who are we to complain?

Speaking of local breweries, the Spokane Riverkeeper -- the Riverkeeper Red -- will launch tomorrow, Thursday 5th, at Zola. Brewed by River City, it is a "unique take" on their Red, or so we've been told. Apparently there will also be some surprises at the unveiling, so we are putting the pressure on the Riverkeeper to present something special here. The hoopla starts at 6pm and goes until 8.

Spokane Oktoberfest has, as you might be aware of, been renamed to the Inland Northwest Craft Beer Festival. We assume part of the reason was that people couldn't wrap their heads around an Oktoberfest in September (although that is when Oktoberfests traditionally is held, but never mind). The tickets are $15, and you can expect to see the usual suspects plus a few new local breweries show up.

In non-beer news: S & A Deli is opening on 3005 E Mission, just by SCC. The spot will specialize in bánh mì, egg-rolls, and spring-rolls.