Notes from all over, notes from all over edition


Saranac is starting up a mug club or, as they call it, a "Pub Club". While we usually don't fawn over these kind of things, we have to admit this $60 deal is quite worthwhile, at least if you frequent Saranac (or even downtown).

Among the benefits you have free parking, free food on your birthday, your typical mug club rewards, and more! Facebook has all the details. Thanks to the Brad Hauge for the heads up on this.

The Spokesman reports a second Waddell's is opening in Five Mile. The big(-ish) news here is the accompanying brewery, meaning they will serve their own beer. Which could, potentially, be awesome. The development will also feature an artisan pizza parlor. So, yeah, keep an eye out for that.

Somebody forgot to tell the Inlander that seared ahi (on a bed of rice) isn't too much of a surprise on any Spokane menu...

Jones Radiator will have patio seating this summer.

Finally, if it's Saturday it's Veraci at the Hop Shop, and this Saturday is no exception. We kind of stress this point every week, as Veraci never hits any of the "best of" polls. (Other than ours.) We can only assume that means some/many of you haven't tried them, something you probably should do.