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Notes from all over, microbrewery edition


The Liquor License Stalker is back up after a brief interlude. For those not familiar with the page, it basically takes pending liquor licenses from the Washington State Liquor Control Board and displays them in a readable-ish format. It's a good way to learn about restaurants-and-what-have-you openings.

Apparently Spokane has microbrewery fever.

First, our good friends, Budge Brothers, are applying for a "change of location" microbrewery license. This is somewhat of an annual event, and we've still had the chance to try any of their products (if they do exist for the public), so fingers crossed this is when they'll hit it big. 

Meanwhile, a new brewery is setting its eyes on the Valley: 12 String Brewing Co. A quick search revealed their website, where we learn about a tap room and live music. What kind of beer they'll be brewing is unknown, but there's really nothing bad about more local craft brewers hitting town.

Other than that, the South Hill is hopping with Sushi I, Mezzo Pazzo Wine Bar, as well as the newly opened Famous Ed's Pizza. Trader Joe's is slowly getting going too, and they have an application in.

Anyway, yes, hopefully the page will stay fairly stable this time, so you can keep track of all these openings.