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Notes from all over, Growler Guys edition


So, here we have one that a lot of people have been waiting for. The Growler Guys is (as some would say) finally opening a Spokane location! The address will be 9329 N Newport, and we can only assume they will try to mooch off Total Wine's traffic. (Hey, it only makes sense.)

For those not familiar with the Growler Guys, they do pretty much what you'd expect: fill growlers. They tend to have a lot of taps -- as many as 40+ -- often of high quality. Check out their Richland location for examples.

Somewhat related: If you're interested in a beer club that's not really a beer club, we recommend Tavour.

The way it work is simple: there is no fee involved, simply sign up, and you will receive daily emails with beer-offers. Should you want to buy the wares, you add them to a cart of sort, and your combined order will be shipped at the end of the month. Shipping fee is flat.

It all works pretty smoothly, so give it a shot. It's not like it'll cost you anything.