Notes from all over, from here and there edition


Well, things are happening, so let's just dive into it.

Young Buck Brewing -- co-founded by two-time SpoBREW contestant Cameron Johnson -- has submitted a microbrewery application. The plans to open the brewery in the Public Market was announced in January. It is, however, kind of surprising seeing the same address on the application now that the market has closed.

Either way, good luck to them!

Mi Casa -- we mentioned them in December -- is also moving forward: a liquor license has been submitted for their 14 N Post location. (Former home of Rex's.) 

And, if you haven't noticed, Chapala's downtown location is now open. Its address is 603 W 3rd Ave.

Finally, Five Guys's South Hill location has shut its doors. Pour one out for it. 

We're with Barry on this one -- only violent street kids could have been the cause of this. Or possibly @esq_quest made more sense, suggesting Albertsons having bought up the land.