Notes from all over, Flamin' Joe's goes Breaking Bad


Props to @truxtonite for pointing out the (in retrospect rather obvious) parallel:

The owner of three Flamin' Joe's has, apparently, been raided after being suspected of participating in a drug ring. Yes, that Flamin' Joe's, well known for their rather tasty hot wings. The similarity between this and Breaking Bad's Gus Fring's Los Pollos Hermanos is pretty staggering.

Completely unrelated, it's March 1st (I know, right?!) and it's Friday, which means it's First Friday. Sante is running a pretty cool looking four course meal today, which, for $50, includes fried frog legs, pork tenderloin, and sweet potato ice cream. Add 30% off wine by the bottle, and you got yourself a good deal.

Finally, if you want to support a good cause, one time #SpoBREW winner (and one time loser, but let's not rub that in) Brad, is pimping out a silent auction supporting a high school house building trip to Tijuana. Show up and bid like crazy, this Sunday, 11am, First Presbyterian downtown.