Notes from all over, ever changing owners edition


We recently received a cryptic message suggesting South Perry Pizza was for sale. A quick inquiry on Twitter, was mostly met with silence, other than one (since deleted) reply denying the rumor.

And while rumors often do tend to be unfounded, it looks like they were on the mark this time. The South Perry Pizza liquor license is being transferred from South Perry Pizza, Inc to Fresh Pizza, Inc, the latter being registered to Paula Marie and John Siok. The spot will, apparently, keep its name, and we can only hope the pies don't see too much of an impact.

Update: The new owners shot us a mail, assuring us the menu and concept of South Perry Pizza would largely stay the same. Look forward to some new specials and salads, alongside old favorites.

The other big-ish change we've seen recently was EJ's closing down, though they will apparently re-open with a new owner who will take the spot in a new direction.

Two businesses changing owners in such a rapid succession? Strange days...

In other news: We forgot to mention Nothing Bundt Cake here, didn't we? Sometimes we get the site and Twitter mixed up... Anyway, the bundt cake franchise -- apparently something like that does exist -- is opening tomorrow on 2525 E 29th. Go and get your... bundt cake... on, I suppose.