Notes from all over: European edition


J-Walk's closing after today, so make sure you get down there and say good-bye and pick up some great baked goods and coffee. Stella's will open in its location in just five days, with Tony Brown, current chef at Mizuna, at the helm. The menu will have a vegetarian and vegan bend, according to a post made at Spokane Vegan's Facebook group, and we have learned DOMA will still be the coffee of choice.

You've probably already heard Gordon Ramsay will be filming an episode of Hotel Hell in Coeur d'Alene. Not much more to say about that, really...

Speaking of stories in the Spokesman: While we're glad to hear construction of Beignets (in the space next to Madeleine's) is underway, we're still a bit shifty eyed about the "European" adjective being tossed around about the new spot. Can we expect a bunch of Serbian dishes there? Or possibly something with a Faroe Island bend? I mean, really, say something like French-inspired, or even continental, but using European as an adjective makes little sense.

Rant aside, if you want some classic Americana I'm sure Bowl'z Bitez & Spiritz will have you covered. It's opening at 401 W Riverside, and... With a name like that, how can you go wrong?