Notes from all over, Craft Beer Week edition


Did you know that next week is American Craft Beer Week? Neither did we, and it's hard to keep track of all of these special days/weeks/whatever when we celebrate various forms of beer.

Anyway! Things are happening in celebration of it:

First, No-Li is truly hitting it hard, putting up a pairing menu, which you can read right at Some highlights include Silent Treatment mac & cheese, and a Jet Star shrimp cocktail. (We don't see many shrimp cocktails anymore, do we? It's time for it to make a comeback!)

Wednesday they have homebrew night at 5pm, and… Well, just read their site for the whole week's schedule. It's pretty big.

12 String will start revealing their special Craft Beer Week offerings today. Their Facebook page will have it all.

Saranac will feature ten breweries from the Inland Northwest Ale Trail on Tuesday.

Inlander brings word that Manito will be debuting the launch of Ramblin' Road's Belgian quad on May 15th, 6pm. Perry St's double IPA will be on tap on the 14th, same time.

And that's all we got. Send us a tweet if you know of anything else!

Oh, and the Perry Street Thursday Market starts up today. Go check them out.