Notes from all over, collective buying edition


You can't buy this Groupon deal yet, but if you haven't signed up for the service and thus won't receive the e-mails, the "$5 for $10 Worth of Bistro Fare at Jupiter Bistro in Rocket Market" might just be enough for you to consider signing up.

The Deal Planet, meanwhile, is running a $7 for $14 deal for Opa! if that's more your thing. Both Groupon and Deal Planet are excellent services, and often have good deals on food. Hence you should probably sign up.

Ciao Mambo has opened downtown, so let us know how you like their Italian nachos. (How do they compare to the Tex-Mex variety?!) 

Ginger has opened a northside location, dubbed "Wasabi Asian Bistro and Sushi Bar." Find it at 10208 N Division.