Notes from all over, coffee, alcohol, and websites edition


You may already know, but in case you don't: Coeur Coffee has submitted a liquor license under the type of "snack bar". The need for State of Washington to update their classifications aside, this could certainly be a good thing for those who like the spot, yet don't want to drink coffee at a later hour. Or maybe it's aimed at those who like to drink beer in the morning. Either way, we don't judge.

Speaking of coffee, DOMA has just (like today) released their limited release Kenya Kangocho Peaberry, which is described as having an "insane milk chocolate body". I'm not sure we've ever heard quite such a description before, so, really, this sounds like one worth trying.

You know and somewhat tolerate Erick Doxey, and you should probably check out his recently grand-opened blog. Here he will photo-journal Spokanites doing inspiring things, which is something we can get behind. Scroll down and you'll see a few early shots; you'll probably recognize some of those featured.

Speaking of websites and food, Central Food has launched their new site. Developed by our friends at Handknit Webs and possibly with photos (though that's just our assumption) by the aforementioned Doxey, the site features an address, phone number, online reservation, and hours right on the front-page, alongside easy to spot links to menus and directions, pretty much right in your face. If you think your restaurant website needs to be "fancier" and "more complex" than that, you're probably doing it wrong.

There's more to see and do, of course, including a blog -- a word they don't want to use for some odd reason -- so woo to that!