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Notes from all over, coffee edition


As you may or may not (but probably may) know, Indaba has started roasting its own beans, which is, of course, always a good thing. The more the merrier and all that.

If you're interested in trying their goods before most anyone else, you can sign up for their Beta Beans. For $20 -- $30 if you want them shipped to you -- you can do a side-by-side comparison of the beans, and give them feedback on your experience. It's like you're a decider.

Anyway, head over to Square Market if your dream always has been to beta test coffee beans.

If you're more interested in beans that are market-ready, we're big fans of DOMA's Lust for Life, aka their Valentine's blend.

The coffee has a nice, chocolate-y flavor to it -- apt for the season -- with just a hint of fruit for the sake of refreshment. We enjoy it French pressed-style.

Get it from any store that doesn't suck (Revel77 has it too), or order it from DOMA's site.

Neither here nor there, but Latah Bistro's new menu with a vegetable gnocchi sounds interesting.

And finally: Ramblin' Road's tap room is opening tomorrow. Check 'em out.